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Bel Air Family Law Lawyer | Barry Fischer

Bel Air Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer helps clients successfully resolve legal matters involving family law and divorce. Since 1986, Mr. Fischer has represented clients in Bel Air and throughout the Los Angeles region.

Bel Air Divorce Attorney and Family Law Lawyer Fischer is a State Certified Family Law Expert who compassionately and aggressively advocates for his clients. The Law Offices of Barry Fischer has an AV Preeminent rating by Martindale Hubbell. Mr. Fischer is dedicated to providing a legal representation that is caring while also addressing the client’s concerns as their issues relate to the broader scope of their lives.Bel Air Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer

Call Bel Air Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer at 310-788-0900 and schedule your no-cost initial consultation at our family law firm. Weekend and evening meetings can be arranged by appointment. Bel Air Attorney Fischer diligently works to successfully bring about an effective, fair resolution even in difficult cases, such as those that involve highly complex financial and legal issues.

Family Law Attorney | Bel Air, California

At the Bel Air Law Office of Family Law Lawyer and Divorce Lawyer Barry Fischer, we provide skilled, experienced, and compassionate legal representation in a large variety of family law and divorce related matters. Our areas of practice include the following matters.

Divorce Attorney

In both non-contested and contested divorce cases, Bel Air Divorce Lawyer Fisher provides a caring and experienced representation through mediation, negotiation, and litigation.

Complex Divorce Lawyer

Complex Divorce Attorney Barry Fischer provides aggressive counsel in complex divorces that involve high asset proceedings.

Community Property Attorney

With the goal of equitably distributing community property assets and debts, Community Property Lawyer Fischer conducts aggressive pre-trial discovery in order to locate hidden assets.

Child Custody Lawyer

Providing a caring representation, Child Custody Attorney Fischer strives to bring about orderly resolutions in child custody matters with regards to the best interests of the children, including those who are involved in global child abduction matters.

Child Visitation Attorney

Promoting the best interests of the children, Child Visitation Lawyer Barry Fischer helps clients create a reasonable and fair parenting plan. In child visitation matters, Bel Air Family Law Attorney Fischer offers expert assistance in international disputes and move-away cases.

Annulment Lawyer

Annulment Attorney Fischer provides representation in all annulment cases. During your initial consultation, Divorce Attorney Fischer will review your circumstances to determine if your situation will qualify for an annulment.

Paternity Attorney

After finding the initial determination regarding paternity, Paternity Lawyer Fischer assists with the establishment of parental duties, obligations and rights.

Spousal Support Lawyer

Our Bel Air Family Law Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers conduct a comprehensive case evaluation when determining if Spousal Support (alimony) is going to be an issue during your case. By taking an approach that is creative in alimony cases, Spousal Support Attorney Fischer helps find successful resolutions in disputes involving spousal support.

Prenuptial Agreement Attorney

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Barry Fischer drafts, reviews and revises all prenuptial agreements.

Modifications Lawyer

At the Law Office of Bel Air Divorce Attorney Barry Fischer, our Modifications Attorneys have extensive experience with post judgment modifications in areas of spousal support, child support, child visitation, child custody, and property division.

Grandparents Rights Attorney

In these complicated grandparents rights matters, Grandparents Rights Lawyer Barry Fischer helps clients establish visitation rights, and in some cases seek custody.

Bankruptcy After Divorce Attorney

Offering clients the options of bankruptcy and divorce, Lawyer Barry Fischer understands that many divorces are due to financial hardship during marriage. By providing information regarding bankruptcy and divorce, Attorney Fischer helps clients resolve matrimonial issues along with financial matters. If you are considering filing bankruptcy after divorce, Lawyer Fischer can provide skilled representation in these matters.

As a Bel Air Family Law Specialist, Bel Air Family Law Attorney Fischer has been a skilled Family Law Counselor who extends his services beyond the traditional Divorce Law focus. He expertly represents clients with diverse Family Law needs. If any circumstance prevents Bel Air Lawyer Fischer from resolving your case peacefully through the negotiation channels, divorce mediation, or a voluntary settlement, Divorce Lawyer Barry Fischer is experienced and skilled to litigate your case in order to obtain a fair and just result.

Call Bel Air Family Law Lawyer Barry Fischer Today

Call the Law Offices of Bel Air Certified Family Law Specialist Barry Fischer at 310-788-0900 and schedule your free, in-depth conference with one of the region’s leading Divorce & Family Law Attorneys.

Divorce Attorney and Bel Air Family Law Lawyer Barry Fischer has been dedicated to practicing Family Law for over thirty years. Mr. Fischer will listen in order to understand the needs of his clients and fight aggressively while obtaining favorable results so that his clients are able to move forward and get on with their busy lives.


When driving to our office, begin heading southeast on Siena Way. Turn left on Bellagio Road. Make a right on Stone Canyon Road, making a slight left on Bellagio Road. Continue onto Copa do Oro Road. Turn left on Bellagio Road. Take a right on Bel Air Road which becomes Beverly Glen Blvd. Make a left of Wilshire Blvd. and turn left on N. Camden Drive. The Law Office of Family Law Attorney Barry Fischer is at 433 N. Camden Drive.